Saturday, September 27, 2008

“Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition...”
~ Timothy Leary

p.s. this quote is contributed by ceedy


Hiren said...

since this quote has been suggested by ceedy .... let me come up with a comment first ;)

nice one dude ...

but then this can lead to a vicious circle of ambition between men & women, both trying to catch up with other as and when they go ahead ;)

Keshi said...

**Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition

Firstly WOMEN can never be 'equal' with 'MEN' and vice versa. They will always be 'different' from each other.

But equal RIGHTS is a different thing.

It all depends on the context of the quote.


ceedy said...


First of thank you for putting the quote up.

This quote can be read in two ways
- one like you mentioned that could lead to viscious cycle and it is true

- the other like your previous posts - if "one" is aware of oneself then there is no comparision....we simply have to do our best....

ceedy said...


yes agree - this is not talking about equality though.
The way I see it is by comparing one to the other we are limiting our outward growth - how do we know that that man or woman has acheived the highest possible acheivement?
there is always room and scope for improvement and that should strengthen our growth rather than competetion....which could lead to what Hiren mentions above

Keshi said...

yes thats what I meant from the first para in my comment. we cant be Equal cos we r Different in many ways, and we all hv our individual potential, like u said.

tnxx Ceedy!


KP said...

agreed 100%!
good one mate:)

ceedy said...


you need to change you comment :P

we know you love hiren q&q...;)